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Everything You Need To Know About Shih Tzu Training (Free Car sickness or motion sickness is super common amongst puppies, and may be associated with immaturity of the inner ear apparatus that regulates equilibrium and balance. While many dogs outgrow this problem, others continue to experience motion sickness throughout their lives. The American Shih Tzu Club is a member of The American Kennel.

Claritin (loratadine) is an antihistamine drug which can

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Lacey looks so funny in slow motion. She sounds like a lion, LoL. Brief appearance of Lexi just watching her...probably thinks she is nuts! Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and subscribe. Check out the video showing they first learn how to ring the bells: https://youtu.be/E96bA9gZiVo https://youtu.be/DYbNQxzLD48 You can try to teach your dogs. a day of a shih tzu dog life in slow motion. a day of a dog life in slow motion The members of the American Shih Tzu Club welcome you to the wonderful world of Shih Tzu! Nothing is more important to us than the welfare and perpetuation of these remarkable companions. Generations of breeders in the United States have sacrificed their time and energy to preserve and improve this uniquely lovable breed Shih Tzu Motion Sickness. By Shih Tzu Lover on November 9, 2014 Apart from their fluffy faces, their size is one of the reasons why a lot humans fall in love with Shih Tzu. They can be easily carried around - on the couch, on the table, outside the terrace or even on grocery shopping. These pooches are like little toys that can placed.

Shih tzus might be tiny in size, but they're big on personality. Wanting nothing more than to be your best friend, this pint-sized pooch is an affectionate, lively and sweet-tempered companion. Most fanciers agree the shih tzu hails from ancient China, where for more than 1,000 years royalty regarded these lap dogs as cherished household pets The Shih Tzu comes in a range of colours that include various shades of gold, white, brown, and black. Other colours include black mask gold, black and white, solid black, solid liver, liver and white, brindle, white, red and white, and grey and white. Thus, when two Shih Tzu mate, there is a possibility that their offspring's coat will be similar to the sire's color, dam's color, tricolor, or.

Find Shih Tzus for Sale in Baton Rouge on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood Reduces the volume of stomach acids. ¼ tablet can be given to Shih Tzu suffering from ulcers, belly ache or acid reflux once or twice a day. Conclusion In summary, there are dozens of human drugs that can come in handy if your dog feels sick Strange and odd way this Shih Tzu goes to her water bowl. Shih Tzus are the Best Recommended Cute Shih Tzu dog Lacey eating peanut butter in slow motion - Duration: 1:38. Lacey Shih Tzu.

Fussaro's Shih Tzu. 355 views · November 4, 2019. Related Pages See All. Intuition Shih Tzu. 1,561 Followers · Personal Website. Justin Alexander. 333,056 Followers · Clothing (Brand) Pages Businesses Local Service Pet Service Pet Breeder Fussaro's Shih Tzu Videos Caroline in Motion. 5. Shih Tzu / Pomeranian Mix. The Pomeranian / Shih Tzu mix offers the chance to add a bit of that beautiful Pom orange to the elegance of a Shih Tzu coat! What a great idea to combine two breeds that are both popular with nobility - this is one regal pup! For more orange-tinted beauties, see our list of Pomeranian mixes Shih tzu dog walking the trail. Through the flora Shih Tzu face. The face of a shih tzu dog with curled tongue Shih tzu. Portrait of a shih tzu in an autumn setting Shih Tzu Maltese Puppy. Cute Shih Tzu Maltese Puppy playing in sand Shih Tzu puppy, 3 months old. Sitting in front of white background Shih Tzu dog. This is a Shih Tzu so I heard CLARIFICATION: The Shih Tzu in motion should appear as he does standing, with high head carriage and well-angulated shoulders, leading into a hard level topline with a high tailset. The front should move straight with the legs extending straight from the body with no toeing in or out, and the elbows should remain close to the body

Shih Tzu Life. Chronicles; Behavior; Tzu Travels; Pet Loss; Super Shih Tzu Saturday; Health & Fitness. Recipes; Training; Trixie's Trim Down; Strength & Conditioning; Riley's Reviews. Sponsored; Motion-Sunday. December 21, 2013 By Christine Paul. Reader Interactions. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. grooming of your Shih Tzu's fur. One must remember that grooming involves all aspects of taking care of a dog's appearance. This will include teeth and nails as well. Your Shih Tzu puppy will only need a bath once every week or two. The pup will need a brushing every other day, but no detailed work will need to be done; the fur will be very short Shih Tzu are classified in the toy group in most countries, with a height of eight to 11 inches and weight of nine to 16 pounds (four to seven kilograms). As with most toy breeds, shih tzu are quick to mature, reaching adult size by about 10 months. The shih tzu is often slightly longer than tall, with a sturdy body and a good-sized head I have a 15 month old Shih Tzu and when she was about your Tzu's age, she would do a jerking motion as she was sleeping (not before) and start whimpering. It freaked the heck out of me and my husband, but she was fine. She was actually dreaming in her sleep

If your Shih Tzu squirms when you do this, woo them with gentle praise, and rub behind their ears to relax them, they like that. Step 4: After letting it soak in for about a minute, with your finger placed under the cloth, use gentle pressure to wipe the inner eye area in a downward motion, or toward the nose My Shih tzu has diarrhea: what remedies to give and what to feed March 29th, 2016 Filed under: Shih-Tzu When Shih Tzu has diarrhea, it is always very troubling for both the dog and his owner The Shih Tzu is distinguished from the Pekingese by the topknot, or 'pienji', on its head. Shih Tzu lose hair gradually as humans do rather than shedding in the standard sense. Character The Shih Tzu is an independent dog which is intelligent, dignified, lovable, affectionate, sociable, and cheerful. It is not as outgoing as most breeds Find high-quality Shih Tzu stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else

Give your Shih Tzu pain medications. Your Shih Tzu will probably be in some pain after surgery. Your vet will prescribe an oral anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce the pain. If your Shih Tzu doesn't like taking pills, try hiding the pill in your dog's food at mealtime or placing it in a small, chewy treat Shih Tzu puppies are filled with personality. They are adorable and easy to love. Your Shih Tzu could entertain you all day with his antics and affection. But when it comes to training, he could be a tad bit stubborn. He'll learn basic commands and fun tricks, but prepared to repeat commands several times before he bothers to care

Shih tzus purchased from backyard breeders and pet shops probably won't posses a quiet demeanor because they were carelessly bred for profit. Good breeding is as much a science as an art. Responsible shih tzu breeders work hard -- some dedicating their whole lives to produce puppies that not only look but act like they're supposed to The Shih Tzu wears a top knot that is gathered into a single ponytail. Make sure you part from the outside corner of the eye on each side and parting across the skull in the middle. The lavish poof that Shih Tzu's are known for is obtained by taking a few hairs from the back section of the ponytail and gently pulling them straight up

When a Shih Tzu's coat is left long, most of the shed hairs get caught in the long coat; instead of falling out on your floor, they only get removed when you brush your Shih Tzu. If you clip your Shih Tzu into a shorthaired dog, now there is no long coat to catch the shed hair, so it will fall onto the floor, furniture, clothing, etc The trick is never make alpha Shih tzu become the alpha of your family because this is where hostility starts. Dogs should be allowed to be dogs and this fact is usually forgotten by many doting dog owners. Most probably due to their cuteness, we have a tendency to treat Shih tzu as our babies - as in human babies Teach your adult Shih tzu or puppy to never pee and poop inside - ever. Proven Tips From Dog Experts That Has Worked For More Than 875,000 Dog Owners Worldwide Once the Shih Tzu is completely dry, make sure the coat is tangle-free. Double-check your brush out by using a metal comb. It should glide freely through the coat all the way down to the skin. Quick & Easy Way to Wash Your Shih Tzu Face. The long, silky coat the Shih Tzu is known for requires a great deal of grooming

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6 month old shih tzu not sleeping through the night. How much sleep does my shih tzu need at 9 weeks old at night? Can food make puppy hyper? Shih tzu and 4 months and not sleeping through the night. How to calm down a 9 month old shih tzu? Is the front door open at usps at night If your Shih Tzu currently has a shorter cut, use a slicker brush. It is similar to the pin brush, but its pins are shorter, and the brush is generally wider set. While one or both of the previous brushes is crucial to own in order to prevent matting, a bristle brush is good to have to make your dog's coat beautiful Blindness in dogs (shih tzu, vet, cataracts, surgery) User Name: Remember Me: Password I've found when I'm trying to catch her attention that waving my hand up and down is a motion that she detects and then she knows where I am. I also get her attention by speaking louder, or touching her gently so as not to surprise her.. Parkway Shih Tzu, GaryVee Video Experience, The Holderness Family, Moesha.fit, Life, Love and Sugar, Homemade Method, Vientiane Thai Cuisine, Low N Slow Catering, Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine, Gilad's Bodies In Motion, Brook Ledge Horse Transportation, Marion County Building Industry Association, Brooklyn Water Bagel (Lady Lake), America First. Shih Tzu Health Problems: Common Issues That May Affect This Breed. Common Ear Problems in Shih Tzu. Shih Tzus can develop some ear problems, which can cause hearing loss and pain. decrease in range of motion, difficulty moving, stiffness, pain, and loss of muscle mass

Here You can find everything about Shih Tzu dogs. Best dog Food, Grooming tips and advice, Training and Health issues of Shih Tzu and other small breed dogs Groomers that are using their tools daily are at particularly high risk for a repetitive motion injury, so a well-balanced tool is very important. 4. 4. 7 Professional Grade Dog. The total amount of sleep a Shih Tzu gets generally depends on his age bracket. When your Shih Tzu is a young and lively puppy, you can expect him to sleep roughly 14 hours per day.. When he reaches adulthood, he'll probably sleep 12 hours a day.. When he reaches his golden years, he may sleep upward of 20 hours Protecting Your Shih Tzu This Winter November 14, 2014 December may indicate the holiday cheer and yuletide feel; but this also means one thing: winter is coming and we How to Clean Your Shih Tzu's Ears. The process begins with the Shih Tzu lying on its side. At this point you would either apply the ear powder to stiffen those hairs for easier removal or you can work without it if you prefer. Use a quick, firm plucking motion to get the hairs out of the ears but again, be careful not to pinch the dog's ears 5. Tip# Make sure your Shih Tzu is well hydrated They can get dehydrated while traveling, so you should carry your Shih Tzu's water bowl and make him drink properly. 6. Tip# Prepare from before to handle motion sickness Do not over speed or do the rash driving. This can make your pup feel quite..

Shih Tzu in Motion - Dog Breed - Ceramic Handcrafted Pin FairOaksCreations 5 out of 5 stars (86) $ 45.00 Free shipping Favorite There are 515 ceramic shih tzu for sale on Etsy, and they cost $23.64 on average. The most common ceramic shih tzu material is ceramic. The most popular color? You guessed it:. How Much Benadryl For A Shih Tzu image and description The marvellous digital photography below, is other parts of Can I give My Shih Tzu Human medicine: Benadryl, Aspirin and Others post which is labeled within Shih-Tzu, and published at March 29th, 2016 18:48:58 PM by Some Shih Tzu owners prefer to use electric tools. If you want to learn how to groom a Shih Tzu with clippers , it's not that difficult and can make grooming much more efficient . Since you'll be using a new tool that may frighten your dog due to the noise and vibration, start slowly and pair the noise and motion of the trimmer with praise. Best clippers for Shih Tzu - Buyer's Guide to Dog Clippers A high-quality electric dog clipper contains a lot of technology in a small package. Before you buy one, read this Buyer's Guide to help you understand the elements involved and make the Best and Safest choice for your situation! For Shih Tzus, chewing is a simple motion as it's simply what dogs do. However, eating can change into an issue if your dog chews things that aren't meant to be eaten, such as furnishings, sneakers, and electrical wires, amongst others

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Motionsplan til Shih Tzu Shih Tzu menes at nedstamme fra Pekingeser og en tibetansk bjerghund eller Lhasa Apso. Navnet Shih Tzu kommer fra det kinesiske ord for løvehund. Denne form for hund blev avlet til at ligne løven som afbildet i traditionel orientalsk kunst. Hundene var favoritter hos de kinesiske kongelig Motion Li+ vs KM5. The Motion Li+ can run on either battery power or cord power, while the KM5 relies on a 14-foot cord. The Motion Li+ is rechargeable with a built-in battery and an LED battery level indicator. The Motion Li+ comes with a 5-in-1 pro blade, and the KM5 comes with the #10 blade

1 - Figure out WHY Your Shih Tzu is Barking at Night This is the first step. It might take a few nights, but you need to put your skills of observation to the test, take some notes and pay attention to find consistencies in what might be the trigger for you dog's nightly barking But even my Shih Tzu, whose hair I like to keep short with clippers can develop small mats, especially on his belly. As matted hair on your dog can lead to some serious health problems it's important for us as dog owners to know how to remove them and the equipment we'll need to complete the job My 8 month shih tzu has been throwing up bright yellow bile every other day. Sometimes he throws up in the middle of the night, but most of the time it is between 10 and 3 in the afternoon. We have recently switched his food from beneful (which his old owners had him on) to Innova Evo with chicken

Apr 29, 2018 - I love my Shih Tzu - SVG file Cutting File Clipart in Svg, Eps, Dxf, Png for Cricut & Silhouette - BlackCatsSVG This is a sticker of motion of the Cute Shih Tzu. elle s. Shih Tzu's :) Shih Tzus Shih Tzu Puppy Morkie Puppies I Love Dogs Puppy Love Cute Dogs Calm Quotes Keep Calm And Love Dog Life 3 wks old today...getting in motion lol!! Sunflower Country Shih tzu. 880 views · September 7, 2018. 1:28. Pages Businesses Local Service Pet Service Pet Breeder Sunflower Country Shih tzu Videos A pretty low key bunch....Don't look at that camera!! Lol!

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Fussaro's Shih Tzu, Mantua, Ohio. 1,192 likes · 90 talking about this. Quality Shih Tzu's Bonny the Shih Tzu. 6,680 likes · 169 talking about this. Hi, I'm Bonny and I'm the Shih Tzu star of the movie Seven Psychopaths. I'm a dog actor who loves naps, snuggles and toast, in no.. Shih Tzu with these kinds of problems can be treated. There are motion sickness medications as well as tranquilizers that your vet can provide for dogs that don't do well traveling. Also Ginger is natural and will help with motion sickness. But, as I said, most Shih Tzu love to go bye-bye in the car. But their owners must ensure that the dog is. Before you try to bathe a Shih Tzu puppy, lay a towel or non-slip mat in the bottom of your tub so the puppy doesn't slip. Place the puppy in the tub, then use a handheld showerhead or a pitcher to gently wet the puppy with lukewarm water, but avoid wetting its face or ears Both of the dog's knee and hip joints have changed their shape and angle of motion over the years in response to something as insignificant as a little change in direction of pull across a joint. (Shih tzu - Maltese cross). My shih-tzu [ 2 Answers ] My shih-tzu is about 10 years old. Recently I was dog sitting my son's beagle

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Shih tzu Pin: Great gift for Shih Tzu dog lovers or dog collectors pins lapels for ties, backpacks, coats, clothing Trendy Pins SaltoftheArt 5 out of 5 stars (2,185) $ 6.5 Puppy Love - Shih-Tzu. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 10:47. Teacup Shih tzu Puppies Cute shihtzu pups playing cutiest baby pet puppy compilation. Pets Magazine. 1:41. New Born Shih Tzu Baby Puppies 4 days old (Cute Shih Tzu Puppies - Puppy Dogs) Functionalanorexia. 5:09 Imagine going on vacation with your family to New York city. You check into your dog-friendly hotel, and then you carry your Shih Tzu into your hotel room in his crate. You let him out and he happily explores the room before finally settling down into his open crate in the corner with a toy. That night some noisy neighbors move in next door Shih Tzu fungerer perfekt som en indehund og kræver ikke meget motion Shih Tzu er en lille hund, og det er først og fremmest miniaturehunde, der oplever stor vækst i popularitet disse år. Shih Tzu'en udseende er nu også svær at stå for med dens mørke øjne og dens opretstående hale

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  1. #3 - How To Bathe A Shih Tzu. When you bathe your Shih Tzu, use a downward motion to work in the shampoo and conditioner — so you don't accidentally create more tangles by using a circular motion. Be sure to rinse your dog thoroughly. Use colder water for the final rinse — to ensure that all of the soap has been removed
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  3. Shih Tzu Puppy Loves Hugs. Top Scary Things. Follow. 9 months ago | 68 views. Shih Tzu Puppy Loves Hugs. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 0:47.
  4. Today while getting my 12-year-old shih tzu vaccinated at a low-cost clinic, I asked the vet if it's normal for dogs to lose a lot of their hearing as they age. She said, No. I was really surprised by her answer, because my dog is pretty healthy (bad teeth which will be taken care of, arthritis, 1 elevated kidney value) and very happy for an older dog
  5. g techniques on Pinterest. See more ideas about Shih tzu groo
  6. Our 13 y.o. shih tzu appears to have suffered a stroke after having anesthesia for a dental procedure. She walks in circles constantly - until she collapses, then she gets back up and starts again. She cannot smell. She does not know us at all. She will not sleep - has not slept in three days
  7. Up..in..motion!! These little 4 wk old girls... 05/12/2020 . Be the first to know and let us send you an email when Sunflower Country Shih tzu posts news and promotions. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Subscribe

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Advanced Shih Tzu Trick Guide will help you teach your Shih Tzu many tricks that are both entertaining for your dog, yourself and your audience, including traditional shake a paw and rol Dental care is on e of the most important aspects of your Shih Tzu's health care program and should start while your Shih Tzu is still a puppy. Puppies are born without teeth. When Shih Tzu reach three to four weeks of age, their deciduous teeth start to erupt. At around 4 months, these 28 temporary teeth begin to fall out and are replaced with 48 permanent teeth Beginning of a dialog window, including tabbed navigation to register an account or sign in to an existing account. Both registration and sign in support using google and faceboo Find and watch all the latest videos about Shih Tzu on Dailymotion. Search. Library. Log in. Sign up. Dailymotion does not manually select the videos appearing on the Topics page, they are generated by an algorithm. If you think a video is in an inappropriate Topic, report it to us. Shih Tzu My Shih Tzu who is normally very active, will not eat, nor drink water. He started shaking and he will not climb his - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist My Shih Tzu who is normally very active, will not eat, nor drink water. The vet also looks for purposeful movement which is a stepping motion of the hind legs when the vet.

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Shih Tzu for adoption in Marion, Indiana. View 200+ other breeds for adoption. Rescue Me! * 20% off at Art in motion * $5 off at petlink * (Dogs only) $20 off a 6-week training course A Special Note from Marion Animal Care and Control: Remember, pets are a lifelong commitment. We at the MACC ask that you take adding a furry family. Another option for handling a very active shih tzu is to give him a playmate to romp and wrestle with to help expend some of his extra energy.Most shih tzu puppies who seem to be in constant motion and into everything are not actually behavior problems. They are just acting like normal, healthy puppies Best Choice Shih Tzu Nail Clippers . In this article, we'll provide reviews and recommendation of the best nail clippers for your to use on your Shih Tzu and you'll learn loads of other important stuff too - the anatomy of a dog's nail, types of clippers, when to cut your dog's nails and a step-by-step guide of how to do it safely A car ride! A car ride! A car ride! For most dogs it's the greatest thing since the cookie. But a dog can get motion sickness just like people do, which can mean that even a short car trip becomes stressful for the dog — and disgusting for the owner. Fortunately, there are ways to ease or eliminate a dog's motion sickness, including conditioning and medication

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  1. Natural Cures for Shih Tzu Skin Problems The Dog Owner's Guide website indicates that if a Shih Tzu's hair is groomed regularly, it usually will not develop skin problems. Dogs that are not groomed appropriately may develop tangles, mats and even maggots, as well as uncomfortable skin conditions
  2. Taking Care of Your Shih Tzu's Teeth and Gums. By Anthony Jorgensen. In Pets Health. April 8, 2011. You can start by rubbing your finger on the outside of your dog's mouth in a brushing motion. Be patient with you dog and do not push him too much because you will not want him to be scared
  3. Regardez shih-tzu - Carorototo1985 sur Dailymotion. Sweet Shih-Tzu Dog Taking A Shower - Dulce Perro Shih-Tzu Tomar Una Ducha, Cute Shih Tzu Hond Baad
  4. By browsing our puppy breeder website, you can learn about small and medium dog breeds, german shepherds for sale, and the top-rated dog breeding services in Hartland, WI
  5. Shih Tzu er en lille selskabshund og hører ind under gruppen af Tibetanske racer. Der er forskellige teorier om oprindelsen af racen, men man mener at racen stammer fra en krydsning mellem Pekingeser og Lhasa Apso Kælenavnene til Shih Tzu
  6. g, improve their lymphatic fluid motion, and assist their digestion

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This is a sticker of motion of the Cute Shih Tzu. Announcements. 4 Day LINE STORE Super Sale! Unbelievable LINE GAME Bonuses The Shih Tzu should have their coat blow dried for proper grooming. Once your dog is out of the tub, you should wrap many towels around your dog and use a patting motion to soak up excess water. Spray a light leave in conditioner before you begin. As you use the blow dryer, use your hand to work through the fur I have 13 year old female Shih-Tzu ,Mai-Ling which has been spayed.Last year she developed a redness in the white of her right eye.The vet told me it was an eye infection and gave me ,or i should say sold me , a tube of Polysporin Ophthalmic ointment and told me to put some in her eye twice daily.I did this but the redness persist .Any Ideas. Shih Tzu for adoption in San Dimas, California. - ♥ RESCUE ME! ♥ ۬ When Sally wants to be held she stands up on her hind legs and makes the cutes little praying motion with her front paws How can you not lift her up and hold her tight. She gets along well with her other dogs, but would also do fine as an only dog

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Shih Tzu Allergies Benadryl image and description The breathtaking picture below, is segment of Can I give My Shih Tzu Human medicine: Benadryl, Aspirin and Others document which is classified within Shih-Tzu, and published at March 29th, 2016 14:16:18 PM by The Shih Tzu is a snugly built little animal with a solid, sound structure. It stands from about 8 to 11 inches tall at the withers, and should weigh from 9 to 16 pounds. Its body length is slightly greater than its height, and it should be physically proportional all over, neither too short or too small, but a true miniature breed dog Directed by Martin McDonagh. With Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken. A struggling screenwriter inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his oddball friends kidnap a gangster's beloved Shih Tzu

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To potty train a Shih Tzu, start by establishing a fixed feeding and walking schedule so that your dog gets used to a regular routine. Next, designate a specific potty area in your yard and be sure to take your dog to that same spot every time so it will associate that location with pottying Motion Clipper Wahl Professional Animal Wahl's Motion Lithium is a German engineered cordless clipper that combines the power of lithium ion battery and the cutting performance of the adjustable '5 in 1' blades to give professionals the power they need in one quiet, lightweight cordless clipper

FLEAS AND TICKS Up Date Animal Drug Safety Communication: FDA Alerts Pet Owners and Veterinarians About Potential for Neurologic Adverse Events Associated with Certain Flea and Tick Products September 20, 2018 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is alerting pet owners and veterinarians to be aware of the potential for neurologic adverse events in dogs and cats when treated with drugs that. Dec 25, 2018 - Best Dog Clippers For Maltese Shih Tzu: options. Wahl Bravura Lithium Clipper. Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed. Oster A5 Turbo Clippe

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Shih Tzu has fast-growing hair that is susceptible to mats and tangles if it is not kept short or properly groomed. In fact, Shih Tzu dogs have hair as compared to fur. And although many breeds of hair grow their hair in a single layer, the Shih Tzu actually has a double coat Anxiety and unease can strike a Shih Tzu (or another pooch) if you are using loud dog clippers for Shih Tzu hair cutting so try Bousnic's quiet-running cordless clipper to avoid those problems. You can groom your precious canine with the perfect result without agitating the thing and also the item's vibration is low enough not to bother your. This is a Shih Tzu sticker. Announcements. 4 Day LINE STORE Super Sale! Unbelievable LINE GAME Bonuses Natural remedies an homemade Dog food. Home. 1 Quart of water 1Teaspoon of Sugar Apply softener to nails and pads in a gentle circular motion. 1 lb. Peanut Butter 1 lb. Butter 1 lb. Diaglo (Powder) or Mirra-Coat shih tzu puppies for sale NC,shih tzu in NC,shih tzu in winston -salem,NC,shih Tzu breeder NCshih tzu puppies for sale NC,shih.

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